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The General Council for Islamic Banking and Financial Institutions (CIBAFI)was founded in 1999, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In 2001, an agreement between CIBAFI and the Government of Bahrain has been made where the Kingdom hosts the Council's Head Quarter and provides all the necessary support to enable its activities and contributions; Royal Decree No. 23 of 2001.

According to memorandum number SPC/01/2011 signed on the January 23rd, 2011, The General Council for Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions (CIBAFI), whose Headquarter is in Manama, and ideas Holding Group, a Bahraini Holding Group providing total business solutions, has entered a long term strategic partnership.

CIBAFI was established for two major roles: support and protect the Islamic Banking and Finance industry; industry support is made through awareness and training, holding conferences, seminars and forums and providing the necessary information, while industry protection so as to avoid, as much as possible, the obstacles and deviations in the course of the Islamic finance industry.

The General Council is performing such tasks believing in the necessity and importance of teamwork in the success of projects in support of the Islamic finance industry in general.

CIBAFI membership covers all Islamic banks and financial institutions in more than 25 countries including Bahrain. The Board of Directors of CIBAFI is chaired by Sheikh Saleh A. Kamel, Chairman of Al Baraka Banking Group, Bahrain, while the General Secretariat of the Council is chaired by Dr. Ezzedine Khoja, Secretary General.


Signature Consultants (SC) is an Australian based international consultancy that holds a panel of expert consultants in various industries. SC connects global businesses in the various industries to bridge the gap of demand and supply between countries. SC’s Chief Executive, Ms Mary Varghese has extensive experience in International Business and works along hands with Kath Marnane who has been a registered teacher in Queensland, Australia for 25 years for all the training projects. Kath’s professional background includes working for Queensland Government and has successfully managed large-scale international education programs. She has a practical understanding of the HR requirements needed for the successful delivery of international curriculum.  She has worked in both Government and Private school system.  Mary Varghese has 20 plus years of experience in Education & Recruitment industry in India and Australia. Mary is highly qualified with double Masters in Business specializing in IT and Marketing. Kath is also an external consultant for SC under the training wing of SC, while holding current position in QLD government.

SC has established an extensive collaborative network of partners and will, therefore, ensure that the support of training and/or training related services supplied to itcan meet the required local and international standards and specifications.

This strategic partnership between ideas Holding Group and Signature Consultants grants the Group an access to internationally accredited training programmes and institutions in various industries, which is undoubtedly a matter of immense success for the projects ran and managed by the Group.

SC is partnering with some of the major institutions in Australia and India for the training delivery in various countries. ATC, CAT, STA, AKSHA are some of those institutions in partnership with SC.


SMR HR Group

SMR HR Group, Malaysia,  has been in the business of HR related services since 1978. The SMR Group provides the full spectrum of HR solutions and training programmes from technology, consulting & outsourcing, training & events to learning resources for maintaining, developing and nurturing talent.

Human Resource Development lies at the heart of business of the SMR Group as its strategic driver, even so today when the focus is shifting to Human Capital Management.

The Group managed to build its trust with clients over the years with excellent products and services. It provides client organizations with solutions and training programmes for maintaining, developing & nurturing employees' talent. Its products and services are backed by years of R&D and experience in bringing HR, IT, and consulting expertise together. All Group's proprietary products and services are developed by its own R&D Centre. The company has a team of passionate, committed, friendly professionals who have worked in 30+ countries. SMR Group is chaired and managed by its founder R. Palan, Ph.D. A.P.T.

ideas Holding Group and SMR Group has entered a partnership relation in October 2010, where both parties team up for the provision of consultancy services and training to individuals and organizations in Bahrain.