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 ideas Complain Management Solution is an integrated tracking and reporting management solution for managing, tracking and archiving various types of complain
 defined by business users.

 ideas Complain Management Solution automates  the  complete  life  cycle  of  the  complain  process  including  capturing  the complaint information, creating and
 assigning follow-up and tasks , setting notifications , tracking the status of each complain  and generate online reports.

Business Benefits:

Easy to Use — Users follow intuitive processes
ideas Complains Management Solution has a consistent, clear and highly intuitive user interface. The system design reflects the way that complaint handlers follow core business processes to make it logical and easy to use.

Promptly respond to business needs

ideas Complains Management Solution gives you the best of both worlds: out-of-the-box applications and a plat-form for customized solutions. You can use the solution features just as they are or quickly create secure and easy-to-use solutions for specific business needs.

Cut costs with a unified infrastructure

ideas Complains Management Solution helps you reduce your cost through optimizing and automating business processes, increasing employee productivity, eliminating the need for unnecessary investment in IT infrastructure and equipments, and waving the need for physical storage and undesired paper work.

Easily measure your staff performance
Managers are as efficient as their staff. solosoft® offers you a unique feature of controlling workload distribution among your team members, and provides you with a reliable, precise and quick performance measuring tool.

Access your work any!me and from anywhere
With ideas Complains Management Solution you don’t need to worry about reaching data and information when you need them. You can always access your records, data, reports, etc. anytime and from anywhere.

Generate real !me reports with extreme simplicity
ideas Complains Management Solution dynamic reporting engine provides you with the ability to instantly and dynamically generate real time reports that reflect the actual status of your work at the time of the report, without the need to ask your assistants and administrators to waste their time in doing a job that can easily be done by few clicks of a mouse. Not even the need for statistical knowledge or skills.