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Software Development

Creative, pragmatic and technology agnostic, ideas develops exciting and engaging high-performance software applications, websites and products. Our award-winning service helps clients across the globe react to changing market conditions and customer demands with the speed, scale and flexibility required to maximise returns.

Make sure your technology strategy delivers against user and business expectations by partnering with world-class technical experts to assure getting the maximum return of your investment in the adopted technologies.

Our Agile software developers are skilled in a vast range of technologies, from the cutting-edge to the more familiar tried and tested. With decades of experience we know what’s most appropriate for your particular requirements and how to derive optimum results from the technology we employ; whether enterprise-class integration or best-of-breed open-source solutions.

Which service for you?

Whatever the motivations, expectations and context of your audience, our range of Agile software development services ensures their needs are met.

Web Development

Customized websites, applications, plugins and tools to create maximum impact for your brand online.

Responsive Web Design

Flexible frameworks that tailor the content, images and functionality of your site according to the device being used.

Support & Maintenance

A customized support package tailored to your needs, to ensure you get the very best from your investment. Support and maintenance that goes the extra mile to optimize security, performance, scalability and more.

Why invest in Web Development?

With the web an integral aspect of most people’s everyday lives, the opportunity to engage, excite and assist your users through online channels is greater than ever. However, the digital landscape is a complex and rapidly changing environment, with the constant emergence of new devices, technologies and platforms. Align your strategy across these disparate areas by investing in powerful software that delivers added value throughout the entire customer lifecycle, helping:

  • Differentiate your brand
  • Strengthen customer relationships
  • Provide a seamless experience across all touchpoints
  • Maximise efficiency through automation
  • Drive interactions and conversions
  • Delight your users with personalised services

Our team of web developers uses the best technology available to create your software, ensuring that it fulfils all your requirements while complementing your existing systems and tools. This tailored approach means that business and user needs remain at the heart of every project; producing unique solutions including:

  • Web applications
  • Responsive frameworks
  • Mobile solutions
  • Search appliances
  • And much more…

Why consider Responsive Web Design?

An increasingly popular approach to cross-platform development, responsive web design enables organisations to meet the diverse needs of their users through a single online channel. Building on a flexible framework that detects the device being used and adapts the layout accordingly, a consistent user experience is ensured across all devices.

Web browsing on mobile devices is becoming ever more easy and accessible; non-desktop internet usage has risen exponentially over recent years, with some estimates suggesting that there will be more mobile devices than people on the planet by 2017. In addition to this the range and variety of devices available continues to expand; with predictions of tablet sales growing by 46% year-on-year and dozens of e-reader devices on the market, along with internet-enabled TVs, games consoles and more.

Investing in a responsive website framework ensures you’re able to remain competitive within an increasingly large, complex and rapidly changing marketplace, as well as driving many business benefits:

  • Efficiency gains
  • Reduced overheads
  • Increased user engagement
  • Improved cross-channel user experience

Multi-platform approach

Our consultants work with you from the very earliest stages of your project to uncover and analyse the behaviour, motivations and contexts of your current audience along with your core business objectives and requirements.  Using this information we deliver practical advice on tailoring your responsive website design for maximum effect, whether you want to keep aspects of your existing site in place or are taking the opportunity to completely reinvent your brand messaging. From guidance on breakpoints, expected levels of traffic and future-proofing to keyword analysis, SEO optimisation and marketing campaigns, our holistic approach helps you achieve long-term goals. Read more about how we work by visiting our development process page.

Support and Maintenance

Ensure the success of your project beyond delivery with support and maintenance that help protect performance and optimise content.

Server Maintenance

Regular check-ups for your servers look at vital aspects of your system’s health that may not be covered by your hosting company. Analysing the results is easy, with a bespoke report detailing the most important findings and recommendations for improvement. Our technology consultants are here to guide you through any IT solutions you may require.

What’s included

  • Disk space audit
  • Bandwidth audit
  • Log and error audit
  • System activity audit
  • Site check
  • Software versions
  • Recommendations
  • Formal review

Automated Testing

Cost-effective automated test scripts enhance and support traditional manual testing. Cover as much or as little of your site as you require to ensure that those sections most critical to your business are maintained and protected.

Google Analytics

Remain up-to-date with regular, scheduled reports detailing critical Google Analytics statistics. Allow our experts to filter through the noise and translate it into clear, actionable insights.

Our Development Process

Partnering with our clients, we combine technical expertise with industry best practice in an approach tailored for optimum productivity and efficiency.

Strategic focus

Focused on delivering solutions that provide maximum benefits for businesses and their end-users, we go beyond simply developing products and instead work closely with our clients at a strategic level. Through a collaborative and adaptive long-term approach our dedicated team of software consultants gain an in-depth knowledge of your business and industry that guides the direction of development and ensures every decision supports your wider aims.

From requirements gathering and roadmap planning to the production of technical specifications and proof of concept deliverables, we’re experienced in applying technical insight at any stage of a project to ensure that every aspect of your operations, including your processes, data and infrastructure, is optimised to deliver excellence.

Technology Agnostic

Embracing the flexibility of a technology agnostic approach, our team is skilled in a wide range of tools, techniques and languages and work in multi-disciplined teams to maximise knowledge-sharing in a way that enables the project to quickly react to changing conditions and demands. Not constrained by technology limitations we place focus on gaining an in-depth understanding of your business and domain; with this knowledge driving all decisions we apply our technical insight to choose the tools that will help maximize speed, consistency, performance and returns throughout your project.

Software Development Process

Be confident in the quality of delivery knowing that we enforce software development best practices across every aspect of our processes, employing industry-leading techniques such as automation, Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration to maximise the stability, security and scalability of your product. Our development team is committed to following rigorous coding standards and a series of robust architectural principles that support our stringent Quality Assurance (QA) procedures in ensuring delivery of the highest quality solutions.

Integrated approach

Extending the traditional boundaries of development, we bring together specialists across a wide range of disciplines including User Experience, Content Strategy, Data Analytics, SEO, PPC and more, to deliver a tailored, comprehensive strategy that maximises exposure and impact far beyond the delivery of your product. Tight integration between each phase of your project is achieved through the adoption of an Agile web development framework that promotes flexibility, communication and collaboration, while maintaining a shared understanding of the project’s vision across all stakeholders.