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Software Consultancy

Providing strategic guidance on a wide range of technical matters from usability and performance through to extensibility, security and stability, our skilled team of business analysts, technical architects, and QA and systems engineers analyse the current performance of your software projects, products and processes and offer clear roadmaps for improvement in the form of:

  • Software requirements
  • Technical specifications
  • Software architecture designs
  • Data migration guidelines
  • Performance reports
  • Disaster recovery strategies
  • Business continuity policies
  • Test analysis
  • Environment audits

Results that matter

With years of experience working for multinational companies, our dedicated software engineering consultants are uniquely qualified to deliver highly effective development strategies that more than meet core business goals:

  • Reducing waste by defining requirements before committing resource.
  • Increasing efficiency by connecting and optimising every element of your systems.
  • Maintaining control of your roadmap by streamlining growth and diversification.
  • Differentiating your brand by delivering online services that add value for users.
  • Improving returns by offering recommendations prioritised according to impact

Which service for you?

Whether you’re looking for a technical partner to consult on long-term strategy, require a one-off audit of your existing setup or want expert guidance on improving any aspect of your processes, we can help.

Code Review

This in-depth analysis of your existing systems, conducted by highly experienced developers, produces a bespoke report with actionable recommendations for sustainable improvement and success

Software Design

Technical engineers research, validate and define the architecture of your software as part of a detailed specification that provides your team with a clear roadmap for development.

Software Testing

Targeted advice on all aspects of testing strategy, including manual and automated approaches, testing tools and resource allocation helps ensure a consistent standard of quality across your processes.

IT Consultancy

Environment audits, trends analysis and organizational profiling inform a comprehensive plan to increase the scalability, stability and performance of your infrastructure using the latest technologies and advancements, such as cloud computing and SaaS solutions.

Why Code Review ?

Better understand the current quality of your code and capabilities of your software with a highly cost-effective code review from ideas. Highlighting the technical debt that may be affecting your systems ’ security, speed and functionality, and defining a roadmap for long-term improvement, the recommendations offered by our detailed software code analysis service enable you to optimize your product to be as maintainable, robust and defect-free as possible, which could provide substantial cost savings over time.

What's covered?

Whether you want to validate assumptions with independent evidence or get a comprehensive overview of code suitability before embarking on a new development project, an ideas code review is tailored to support your business objectives. Comprehensive technical audits of your environment blend a range of techniques that assess the scale and complexity of your current code to measure how well it performs in areas critical to business continuity such as:

  • Extensibility
  • Maintainability
  • Security
  • Supportability
  • Performance


Following completion of the code review, all results are compiled into a bespoke report that features key quality metrics, static code analysis and prioritised recommendations for improvement to help drive immediate results. Offering a single, central reference point for stakeholders across your business, the findings detailed in the report provide a clear benchmark against which to measure on-going progress and help ensure that all future development activity, whether conducted in-house or by ideas’s team of award-winning software developers, remains focused on quality.

Why invest in software design?

Increase speed and accuracy in software development by providing in-house and external teams with a clear blueprint that can be referred to throughout the project lifecycle. Box UK’s software design services deliver technical specifications, created by expert software designers, engineers and architects, that ensure all aspects of your solution are defined before development begins to avoid unnecessary project risk, complexity and cost and enable you to develop something far more advanced than an off-the-shelf product.

Requirements gathering

Whether you want to support rapid growth with a highly scalable infrastructure, innovate in your market with disruptive technology or diversify your services to meet new demands, all ideas software design projects begin with a period of to capture your business goals and objectives.

Software Design

Our software designers take a user-centred approach to that combines workshops, stakeholder interviews and user testing, we deliver all requirements as user stories that explain the reasons behind the inclusion of each feature to ensure information can be easily understood by stakeholders and streamline the decision-making process. By conducting analysis at this early stage our consultants acquire the insight necessary to produce plans that both meet your business needs and your technical demands.

Test and validate

Guarantee that your software design supports your aims by subjecting proposed solutions to robust and targeted tests in an iterative, low-risk environment. Highly experienced software designers and developers, research and assess a variety of platforms, languages and technologies, measuring them against the acceptance criteria provided by user stories to select only the most appropriate tools for your project.

The Technical Specification

Once your project’s vision has been defined our engineers translate it into a bespoke specification that covers both architecture and solution design considerations together with the findings of initial research and testing activities. Providing your teams with the information they need to immediately understand all your software solution’s technical requirements, as well as guidelines on how they should be implemented and notes on any areas that may require extra attention, this document streamlines the development process and keeps the project focused on clearly defined outcomes.

Why invest in software testing?

Scalable testing solutions protect the business-critical areas of your software systems, reducing the risk of expensive downtime and performance issues in a highly cost-effective way. A comprehensive software testing strategy with clear acceptance criteria provides a meaningful indicator of progress and performance for both internal and third-party project teams and helps maintain a strict focus on quality throughout the full software lifecycle.

What's covered?

Collaborating closely with your key stakeholders to build up a detailed picture of your business, our team will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current activity and provide expert advice on optimising every element of your software testing process, including:

  • User story definition
  • Integration testing
  • Functional testing
  • Exploratory testing
  • Regression testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Performance testing
  • Design testing
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Device testing
  • Stress and load testing
  • Defects and debugging
  • Exit reports
  • User acceptance testing
  • Session-based test management

Tailored guidance

From guidance on appropriate levels of code coverage and choosing the best tools through to full testing strategies that cover team setup, workflows, review processes and more, our software testing services provide you with clear recommendations to ensure the on-going effectiveness of your software. Tailoring our advice to your unique environment, we make sure your resources are directed to where they’ll deliver the greatest return on investment.

IT consulting

Ensure your business is robust and dynamic enough to cope with changing demands and conditions. We’ve worked with multinational organizations to guide them through vital IT infrastructure decisions, following best practices for increased agility, capability and capacity.


Using environment audits, trends analysis and organizational profiling together with extensive experience delivering IT consultancy to organizations around the world, our technology consultants provide grounded real-world guidance on procurement, standby planning, logistics and more along with rollout plans that help evolve your systems in line with strategic business plans.

Outputs include

  • Disaster recovery plans
  • Business community plans
  • Forecasting
  • Networking diagrams


Manage disparate services and software with advice on the virtualization and interoperability of your infrastructure for consolidation across systems.


From unified communications (including VoIP) to managing geographical dispersion, support the flexibility of remote working and control cost with expert advice on the most up-to-date systems and strategies to help ensure your solution is efficient, effective and future-proofed.


Our IT consultants define the scale of your required infrastructure, recommending the appropriate hosting (physical, cloud or hybrid) and tiered storage solution along with providing advice on resilience, redundancy and capacity planning.