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Mobile App Development

With the volume and variety of internet-enabled devices continuing to grow exponentially, organisations across all industries, markets and sectors are facing the challenge of how to create, and manage, a single, unified customer experience. As many see their audience shift towards using mobile devices as the primary means of interaction with a brand, investing in a dedicated mobile strategy becomes ever more important to align this crucial channel with wider plans and ensure users are provided with a beautiful browsing experience and advanced functionality however they choose to access content.

Our extensive experience delivering high-quality, inspired and award-winning mobile solutions for clients across the globe enables us to identify the ideal solution for both your business and users, choosing from a wide range of technologies and frameworks for the greatest possible efficiency, performance and flexibility:

  • Objective-C / iOS SDK
  • Android SDK
  • Appcelerator
  • jQuery Mobile
  • Sencha Touch
  • PhoneGap

Mobile web

Open up your services up to the growing mobile market with a distinct site or web-based application designed to cater for the unique input, display, bandwidth and use contexts of the platform. Our user experience consultants craft sophisticated designs that retain the core tone, functionality and content of your existing site while facilitating increased mobile accessibility. Graphic designers experienced in creating high-impact visuals optimized for mobile devices add an extra layer of engagement and usability to your service.

If you want a single channel to serve both desktop and mobile users, optimize your current site with a bespoke report from our technical consultants will provide practical recommendations for increasing mobile accessibility and usability.

Native Mobile Applications

Take advantage of mobile’s interactive features such as geo-location, touch-screen capability and SMS with progressive native applications. Our mobile application development team contains specialists in all major mobile platforms, including iOS, Android and Blackberry, with experience creating engaging apps across mobile, tablet and more.

For a comprehensive cross-channel experience, integrate mobile elements such as automatic updates and downloads into your main site, delivered automatically to users operating on specific devices. On-going maintenance and monitoring ensures your mobile apps remain up-to-date and react to the latest advances, with clear reports that filter through data to discover real opportunities for improvement.

Responsive Framework

Avoid digital silos and cater for limitless usage contexts with a responsively-designed site that detects what device is being used and adjusts accordingly. Maintain control of your audience’s experiences with your site no matter how they’re viewing it by tailoring the content, images and functionality for optimal performance across devices, helping decrease mobile bounce rate while increasing visits and conversions.

Future-proof your mobile strategy by designing for the most popular screen sizes to guarantee that primary user needs are met, while still allowing numerous other devices to easily access content. Create designs for additional breakpoints as new devices such as internet-enabled TVs, e-readers and more are released.