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SharePoint Development

ideas provides end-to-end Microsoft SharePoint consulting and development services to companies with unique business requirements, from basic configuration (WSS or SharePoint Online) and deployment of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS), to developing enterprise-wide portal which integrates with a number of disparate packaged and custom applications.

Our professional team of SharePoint experts use industry best practices to ensure our SharePoint solution meets your enterprise portal needs while allowing your IT resources to remain focused on your company's core business.

ideas is a Microsoft Certified Partner with competencies in developing solutions using Microsoft SharePoint Platform and associated Microsoft and third-party technologies.

Consulting Services

Our SharePoint consulting team helps analyze and define your unique business requirements, put together solutions leveraging SharePoint technology, thus maximizing your investments.

SharePoint Design & Branding Services

Our experienced design team creates rich engaging experiences in SharePoint to improve adoption. This includes customizing themes and templates, master page layout, CSS, site definitions, Microsoft SilverLight, administer controls for personalization, etc.

Installation, Customization, Deployment Services

We help deploy SharePoint solutions using QuickStart services, fully configured, leveraging ‘out of box’ features to adapt to your specific business needs. Enterprise Content Management & Search Services We help device a method to efficiently store and rapidly retrieve content within an enterprise.

Workflow & Collaboration Solutions

We create workflows and enterprise collaboration solutions using common, standardized, repeatable business processes by capturing data using Microsoft InfoPath forms and automating it through workflows created using Microsoft SharePoint Designer and third-party tools.

Custom SharePoint Development

We specialize in developing custom solutions that integrate with or are built on SharePoint platform. This includes integrating disparate systems/BDC, developing custom web parts, dashboards, reports/business intelligence, etc.

Migration Services

A sound understanding of SharePoint object model and database schema helps us extract data and migrate you to the latest version of SharePoint.

Support & Administration Services

We offer ongoing maintenance, enhancement and support through remote and onsite services.

SharePoint Branding

SharePoint's creative design and branding process is the first activity that is required when SharePoint is being deployed in a company. Branding a SharePoint site is instrumental in enhancing user experience while increasing the odds for adoption. ideas has full service SharePoint expertise to help you create a more effective user interface (UI) for your SharePoint application that is not only functional, but is aesthetically pleasing and offers users a truly interactive SharePoint experience.

At ideas, we understand that what importance a beautiful-looking and usable SharePoint site holds for you and your company. We have a talented creative team that applies cutting-edge design to the web and related products, and ensures pixel perfect visual presentation and usability. Our SharePoint branding team strives to go the extra mile, and create a “wow” kind of interface that also meets your business goals.

Our all-embracing SharePoint branding services, covering the full spectrum of user interface (UI) for your SharePoint application includes,

  • Conversion of current website or branding into a SharePoint Master Page or SharePoint Theme
  • Creating a new look for your SharePoint site
  • Logo and SharePoint master pages with CSS
  • Custom SharePoint themes and page layout
  • Aligning your branding strategy with SharePoint implementation
  • Creating custom SharePoint UI controls with JavaScript, Silverlight, Flash HTML 5
  • Complete SharePoint branding and UI requirements gathering sessions

Why Choose ideas as your SharePoint Branding Partner?

  • Wide-Ranging Experience: We have extensive experience working with prominent, public-facing internet portals built in SharePoint, as well as internal intranet SharePoint collaboration sites. When you choose ideas as your SharePoint branding partner, we assure you of getting as involved in your design process as you want us to be.
  • Custom Branding: We, at ideas, work with you closely to develop a strong visual design for your SharePoint projects and create a custom “skin” for your sites based on your design concepts and ideas.
  • Continuous Support: At ideas, our SharePoint branding experts provide you continuous support, and are always available at your assistance for any of your questions about SharePoint branding capabilities.

SharePoint Administration

SharePoint Administration made easy with ideas's support, maintenance, compliance, configuration, architecture and capacity planning.

Constant administration tasks have to be performed to ensure the SharePoint environment runs smoothly and efficiently. At ideas, we understand that how a proficient SharePoint administration team acts as a key for day-to-day SharePoint backend operations, and help you with installation and configuration, customization, and architecture and capacity planning.

We have an expert team of Microsoft Certified SharePoint specialists who possess great experience in managing SharePoint environments of different scales. Our SharePoint administrators will fully manage and administer your SharePoint infrastructure leading to reduction in IT costs, and alleviation of downtime and performance problems.

SharePoint Administration Services, include

  • Application Management: We manage a complete range of applications, including web applications, content databases, and service applications.
  • Regular Monitoring: We regularly monitor your SharePoint infrastructure, review SharePoint log files and fix any potential issues to ensure that the SharePoint environment runs smoothly.
  • System Settings: We take care of all of your system settings by managing servers, farm features, alternate access mappings, and e-mail and text messaging options.
  • Security: We manage farm administrators group, service accounts, web application policy, and information management policy to avoid any security issues.
  • Migration and Upgrade: We help you upgrade and migrate your SharePoint infrastructure by converting farm license type, enabling enterprise features, and checking product, patch and database status.

SharePoint Product Versions Supported

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2007
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online (in the cloud on Office 365)
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online (in the cloud on Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS)

Why Choose ideas as Your SharePoint Administrator?

  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity: ideas helps you increase efficiency and productivity with consolidated search and management of SharePoint settings, configurations, and security across on-premises, hybrid, or Microsoft Office 365 hosted cloud deployments.
  • Enhance SharePoint Security and Compliance: ideas helps you enhance your SharePoint security and compliance using the standardization and enforcement of corporate and IT policies for content provisioning.
  • Simplified Configuration Policies: ideas helps you managing complex infrastructures by simplifying the implementation of SharePoint security, and configuration policies.

SharePoint Migration

ideas can help you with seamless SharePoint Migration to the new versions of Microsoft SharePoint on premise and in the cloud.

Demand for migration to Microsoft SharePoint continues to grow as the platform rapidly becomes the standard for enterprises seeking a consolidated knowledge repository and collaborative workspace. So if you are looking forward to an upgrade to the latest version of SharePoint or want to move it to a new environment, the SharePoint experts at ideas will ensure a smooth migration.

By integrating our experience in planning, analyzing, data mapping, and implementing SharePoint migrations, and our comprehensive understanding of the different SharePoint migration methodologies and SharePoint 2013 features and competencies, we have accumulated some finest practices, templates, and tools to resolve the most intricate migration challenges.

Our team comprises of experienced and competent SharePoint migration professionals who hold various Microsoft and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) credentials, including the Microsoft Certified Master. With the right SharePoint migration tools, our team works with you to effortlessly transfer your content into SharePoint, or upgrade to the latest version of SharePoint.

With us, you get all the benefits, including

  • Better Performance
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Lowered IT Costs
  • Abridged Risk
  • Content Mapping to New Source
  • Content Transformation

Popular SharePoint Migration Scenarios include but not limited to

  • SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013
  • SharePoint 2007 or 2010 or 2013 to SharePoint Online (as part of Office 365)
  • SharePoint 2007 or 2010 or 2013 to SharePoint in the cloud on Microsoft Azure
  • SharePoint 2007 or 2010 or 2013 to SharePoint in the cloud on Amazon AWS
  • Hosted SharePoint to SharePoint in the Cloud (Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS)

Why Choose ideas for your SharePoint Migration needs?

  • Proven Expertise and Experience: Migrating application and databases can be a time taking and complex process, but with our proven SharePoint experience and expertise we provide you smooth execution for your organization’s SharePoint migration requirements that even include SharePoint version migrations.
  • Customized Migration: At ideas, we follow a detailed methodology and have a flexible SharePoint migration tools set, which allows us to execute highly-customized migrations with predictable results time and again.
  • 24/7 Support and Maintenance: Our SharePoint migration expertise guarantees you unsurpassed excellence in service and support. You can further minimize business disruption and time-to-value by utilizing our 24/7 support and maintenance.

Make better business decisions through SharePoint PowerBI solution.

The growth of data proliferates each day, as does the need for self-service business intelligence that can turn data into decision-ready insights. But every so often, the tools required to extract those insights are just as difficult to handle as the data. Business intelligence (BI) is basically the set of tools and processes that are used to gather data, turn it into useful information, and then make better decisions.

Every company, today, is using different BI capabilities in order to facilitate strategic business decisions, making them to gain a competitive advantage. ideas is at the forefront of this move and provides you highly competent SharePoint Power BI specialists that quickly adapt to your enterprise and industry needs, helping to surface the data that is required to make strategic business decisions. Utilizing the right tools, our SharePoint Power BI experts help you aggregate and cull the data into business intelligence to expand and enhance your company.

Our SharePoint Power BI Competencies

  • Microsoft PowerBI
  • Microsoft SQL Analytics Services
  • Microsoft PerformancePoint 2010
  • Microsoft PowerPivot
  • Power View

Our SharePoint Power BI Services

  • Technology assessments
  • BI roadmap
  • BI architecture
  • Reporting development
  • Strategic information evaluation

Why Choose ideas?

  • Enhanced Performance: By hiring ideas’s SharePoint Power BI services, you can greatly enhance the performance of your employees by providing them business insights, and so enabling them to make better, more relevant decisions quicker.
  • User-Friendly Solutions: At ideas, we offer you extremely user-friendly BI solutions, thereby, providing insights that can be easily understood and acted-upon for everyone in your business.
  • Improved Return on Investment (ROI): We offer you SharePoint BI services that extract critical business insights, helping you to drive better decision making and accelerate the return on your investment.

SharePoint Support & Maintenance

Round the clock SharePoint support & maintenance to solve day to day user issues, bugs and enhancements.

SharePoint environment frequently requires minor but on-going tweaks for the best optimized output. As enterprises move closer to use the SharePoint platform; more and more information is shared and extracted by a number of users on the single platform. A routine maintenance is essential for smooth operation of the whole environment.

As a Microsoft Gold partner with a full service SharePoint capability, ideas offers you a comprehensive support and maintenance plan aimed at ensuring that you are managing the SharePoint platform with industry best practices, and developing and extending SharePoint deployments leading to drive business and operational efficiencies.

With our cutting-edge SharePoint support and maintenance services, you can log and track Microsoft SharePoint related issues and call on our experts to achieve a quick and effective resolution of any problems anytime.

SharePoint Support and Maintenance Services, include

  • Application Environment Assessment: We help you maintain your SharePoint software solution by assessing your application environment continuously.
  • Best Practices Guidance: We offer you best practices guidance and ensure that your SharePoint software solution runs smoothly always.
  • SharePoint Health Checks: We periodically check your system event logs and ensure that there are no potential problems.
  • Complete Review of Solution Architecture: We provide you with comprehensive technical skills and deliver a complete review of your solution architecture and deployment.

Why Choose ideas as your SharePoint Support and Maintenance Partner?

  • Timely and Reliable Service: ideas’s timely and reliable service plans provide you more time to focus on other projects and less time managing the software. Our reliable service also ensures that you get full product support as well as maintenance and upgrade components.
  • Customized Solutions: At ideas, we understand that your business challenges cannot be resolved with a one-size-fits-all strategy. That is why; ideas’s support and maintenance team assesses your application environment based on your specific needs, thereby, ensuring that your team is following proven best practices.
  • Continuous Support: ideas’s SharePoint support and maintenance team provides you 24X7X365 support;
    thereby, always accelerating the pace of work when needed on a priority basis.

Leverage the Combined Benefits of SharePoint and Windows Azure!

Enterprises are constantly looking to technology to stay ahead in today’s highly competitive markets.Microsoft SharePoint, combined with one of the latest cloud technologies, Windows Azure, enables organizations to collaborate confidently across the globe.

ideas, by integrating years of experience working on different SharePoint platforms and comprehensive understanding of diverse cloud platforms, helps in the successful deployment of Microsoft SharePoint server on Windows Azure, and develops highly cohesive infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) or software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for all its clients.

Our team comprises of dedicated and skilled SharePoint Azure professionals that enhance the scalability of SharePoint deployments using Azure on-demand infrastructure with unified management. Our team helps you leverage the power of cloud technology while simultaneously managing your SharePoint infrastructure rapidly.

With us, you get all,

  • Trusted Compliance
  • Improved Performance
  • Reduced Storage Costs
  • Easy Scalability
  • Higher Availability

Why Choose ideas for your SharePoint Azure Needs?

  • Proven Expertise: ideas possesses the required SharePoint Azure expertise and follows proven methodologies to ensure a seamless deployment of your SharePoint infrastructure to Windows Azure computing environment.
  • High Standard Services: ideas is always on the forefront to provide you the best possible SharePoint Azure services, and assures of a highly available SharePoint architecture that ensures content is up-to-date and served to end users in disseminated locations.
  • Improved Productivity: We, at ideas, use a host of tools and industry solutions that can lead to improve productivity of projects vehemently.