ihsan Community Support

ihsan Community Support is  non-profit, self-regulated fund of ideas Holding Group, integrated into its business model, and dedicated to improving the lives of needy individuals and families within the territories of Bahrain. ihsan's fund is raised through financial allocations from all ideas group's subsidiaries. The fund is managed by a senior executive committee chaired by the Group's CEO.

This charitable fund comes to emphasize the strong believes of ideas Holding Group in social and ethical responsibility of the company towards the community it belongs to. It also emphasizes the values and principles of the Group.

Community Support through this fund is made by helping needy individuals and families to satisfy their needs and/or overcome life difficulties related to financial constrains, whether temporary due to unfortunate situations or permanent. The fund is not meant to provide any financial grants but services only.

Community Support Services covered by ihsan includes, but are not limited to:

  • Covering, in full or partially, costs related to necessary treatment that is unaffordable by the individual and/or his family.
  • Providing educational support, i.e. educational sponsorships, vocational training, professional certification, etc. which shall help the individual and/or the family securing a sustainable source of income.
  • Providing construction services for poor houses of needy individuals.
  • Purchase of home appliances and necessary tools and equipment.
  • Helping needy individuals to develop their skills to improve their income.
  • Supporting home businesses of needy people through marketing and networking.

The above are only some examples of the different types of support this fund provides. Specific support can be provided based on the specific needs and following a social study of the family and/or individual.

According the policy adopted for this fund, ihsan can join other charitable events and/or groups to provide its support where needed provided that the support it offers does not breach its policy.

Privacy of all beneficiaries is maintained by the company and are never used for any commercial purpose like marketing or PR. However, general information about the fund's activities is publicized through the suitable means approved by the concerned executive committee and in accordance to the policy adopted for this fund, like financial and statistical reports. This is to familiarize the community with the various contributions the fund can make, and to encourage other community members, individuals and organizations, to compete in serving needy people.

Applications to ihsan Support Program are only made in person and are not accepted through correspondence; neither physical nor electronic. To ensure fair and justified support, ihsan reserves the rights to investigate every support application it receives.