Abeer Al-Obaidulli
Shrua Council, Bahrain

The main goal behind our project, website enhancement, was to provide the employees with an effective content management tool to ease, speed up, and facilitate the process of content publishing to the website. From a purely business point of view, I must say: a wonderful work was done by ideas which turned they way work was done by 180 degrees.

Hashim Al Alawi
Shrua Council, Bahrain

By using MS SharePoint Server 2007 for internet, a project that was mastered and executed by ideas, the website administration and maintenance activities consumed time has been reduced to around 50% in comparison to the previous content management solution used for our website. Thus, I do invite you to value professionalism and efficiency before contracting any service provider, just like we did when we approached ideas.

Manal Ahmed Ali
Ministry of Health, Bahrain

It wasn't only a need to improve our old intranet and standardize the web environment, but also to build a versatile CMS that improves communication throughout the Ministry and unify its operations. At the same time, the solution should be user friendly so that users do not feel burdened by technology. Thanks to ideas who very efficiently helped us doing all of this.

Mohammed Al-Alawi
Ministry of Labour, Bahrain

ideas assumed the role of our pharmacist; too little won’t cure us, too much will cost us dearly. Their solutions were only outdone by their presentation of its benefits. A big thanks to ideas team.

Nadia Qaheri
Ministry of Labour, Bahrain

Speaking with full confidence, I can say that the benefits we've achieved by implementing ideas Complaint Management Suite, exceeded our expectations. It is by all means an intelligent, fully automated solution characterized by tremendous time saving, positive and constructive effort direction, flexible reporting, centralized archiving, and convenience for all.