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Total Correspondence Management Solution

Solomail –  Manage, track and archive your correspondence with a complete ease and efficiency


Solution Overview

Solomail is an integrated correspondence and communication management solution for managing,
tracking and archiving various types of correspondence including letters, faxes, e-mails, SMS, etc.

Solomail automates the complete life cycle of the correspondence process including capturing the
correspondence information, creating and assigning tasks, setting notifications and tracking the
status of each correspondence.

It offers a familiar Microsoft Office interface experience so that people can quickly and easily access
the information they need to get their jobs done.

Solomail –  Features & Benefits

My Dashboard

solomail® offers a personalized role-based dashboard for each business user whereby the user has the ability to display specific web parts such as my correspondence, my tasks, contacts list and specific reports views.

Unlimited Virtual Mail Boxes

solomail® enables the creation of unlimited number of virtual mail boxes on multiple levels ranging from personal, departmental and organizational levels, with the ability to provide user access on multiple virtual mail boxes.

Correspondence Management

solomail® gives your organization the ability to manage and capture both internal and external inbound and outbound correspondence such as letters, faxes, emails, SMS, voice mail, etc.

Multiple Targets Correspondence

Incoming correspondence could have multiple targeted offices, once the mail office submits the correspondence, a parent/child correspondence is created where the original correspondence is split into multiple ones.

Multiple Correspondence Grouping

solomail® enables users to group multiple correspondence related to a specific topic, such as project, event, contract, meeting, etc.

Tasks Management

Multiple tasks can easily be created under each correspondence assigned to different resources with specific deadlines and the ability to monitor the progress of each task.

Dynamic Reporting Generation

In addition to the built-in reports, solomail® empowers business users with the ability to generate their own customized reports without the need for any technical skills or assistance.

Unlimited Documents Upload and Storage

Unlimited number of documents can be attached and archived with each and every correspondence and/or task.

Accounts and Contacts

Business users get complete account (contact) information at a glance, including account history, contacts, interactions and many more.

Quick Search

To facilitate accessing the required information, every screen in solomail® is provides search facility and related views.

Advance Search

Business users can search across the database using specific criteria and parameters such as record type, document type, creation date, etc.

Email Alerts

Alerts can be assigned to multiple operations in solomail® to notify all or specific business users about updates and changes such as receiving a new task, status update, task completion, etc.

Active Directory Integration

Business users are automatically authenticated by solomail® through their existing active directory account, without the need to use multiple authentication processes or to manually perform such an important task.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Each business user has the ability to optionally display and hide specific information of the correspondence when sharing it with other users.

User Friendly Interface

solomail® offers a familiar, bilingual (Arabic and English) Microsoft Office interface experience so that people can quickly and easily access the business information they need to get their jobs done.

Administration Console

solomail® enables administrators to manage the solution configuration without the need for deep technical skills or knowledge; i.e. the user can anytime add new organizations, contacts, correspondence actions, task actions, etc.

Ac on Log

solomail® records all activities conducted by business users within the solution. Recorded log contains user ID, name, action type, module name and screen name.

Import and Export

solomail® provides administrators tools for importing and exporting data such as contact lists, correspondence, tasks, etc. in different formats to access them using other electronic applications and systems.


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